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WordsDoctorate.com Review [7.3/10]


WordsDoctorate.com is a company focused on students enrolled in higher academic level schools such as college and university. With this being the case, this company has quite a limited list of services that include dissertations and theses. Still, they call themselves experts for writing complex academic papers and guiding students for employment. Let’s see if they really stand behind these promises.

Customers’ Reviews:

Imogene House:

¨This is a much more expensive company than others, but since one delivered horrible content, I decided to go for the highest price. After all, my dissertation is the most important thing I will pay during my education. But, after delivery, I think the price wordsdoctorate.com charges is not worth it.¨

Papers’ Quality and Delivery

As we said, this company offers a quite specific list of services. Their services include writing and consultation. As for services, wordsdoctorate.com provides students with dissertations, theses, research proposals, which is one of the most limited lists of services we have seen. We were surprised not to find editing or proofreading as some of the basic services that even one-paper-oriented companies offer.

Still, we decided to place an order and must say, our decision was not bad. The thesis we ordered was of good quality and delivered a day before the deadline. The writer did a good job researching, referencing, and formatting the paper and as for proofreading, we found only two minor mistakes in content.

Customer Support Availability

The company has various contact methods, including e-mail, phone, and live chat. You can reach them on the five phone numbers listed on the official website, including those for US, UK, India, Germany, and global. For writing service that works on a worldwide level, this is a great advantage since it provides many students with the opportunity to contact the company directly without spending a fortune.

Still, we would recommend contacting them via the phone numbers since their live chat does not work well. We waited 15 minutes for a response, after which we completely gave up.

Is WordsDoctorate.com an Affordable Service?

The answer is no. If you open the website looking for prices, you will not find any. The only way to check the company’s pricing is if you send a request by adding the paper information and your personal details. This is very strange for a writing service since why wouldn’t a company list their services right away? After all, you may end up waiting for a quote and spend some valuable time if the prices do not fit your budget.

In this case, prices from this company are far from affordable for a student’s budget. Our thesis costs a fortune and we only ordered it for the Master’s level. As for the Ph.D. level, papers cost prices that are among the highest in the writing market.

Discounts, Special Offers and Loyalty Programs for Returning Customers

Unfortunately, we were equally disappointed by the discount system as with the pricing. The company gives no information about discounts or special offers and we did not get a discounted price when we sent the details of our order. If there was a discount added to the quote, we did not get information about it, and considering the high rate, we are guessing the company has no special offers whatsoever.

You will find no information about lifelong discounts too, which is why we suggest contacting the company if you decide to turn them into your regular provider.

Website Design, Content, and Usability

The website is easy to navigate, well designed and has some good content. Still, the most important information such as pricing and discounts is missing, which is a huge gap in terms of website usability.


Wordsdoctorate.com is truly a professional writing service that works with quality writers, which allows them to deliver good papers. However, they offer only two types of paper, which is quite limited. Furthermore, their prices are among the highest on the market, which is why we would not recommend this service to students.

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