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SmartWritingService.com Review [5.3/10]


Like any other writing service on the market today, Smartwritingservice makes many promises and guarantees when it comes to quality, deadlines, writers, and the support they give to their clients. However, (read more), it is all completely true?

Delivery and Quality of Papers

Reading the testimonials led us to the conclusion that not all clients were satisfied with the delivery, although the company clearly guarantees on-time delivery, with no excuses. The reviews posted also indicate that in most cases there are faults in certain aspects of the paper, making them less professional than they claim to be.

Customer Support

They claim to give instant answers to all their clients, putting client satisfaction and convenience in the first place. But when you try to speak to customer support through their live chat, you have to wait before you’re assigned a representative who’s online. If you’re in a hurry, don’t sit around waiting for someone to talk to you.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

smartwritingservice.com price

The pricing policy is simple, and a copy of the professional writing service’s price model. Based on the deadline, a number of pages, and the academic level, you’re determined the price of your order. You can also calculate the price on the given price calculator. The payment options are PayPal and credit cards, so if you don’t have either of these you won’t be able to make the order.

Discounts and Special Offers

Given that they guarantee excellence, we were expecting discounts and special offers all around. We weren’t too surprised to find offers such as lifetime discounts, although this is something all writing services offer nowadays, to attract more clients.

Smartwritingservice Website Usability

Overall, there is too much to soak in as soon as you visit the website. There is plenty of information placed all around the home page, distracting you from what you’re really after.

What Make The Service Different from Others?

What makes them stand out, but not really genuinely is a list of assignments they can tackle right on the homepage. Some services offer lists as well, but not right on the homepage. This can be useful, but not exactly important.


A professional writing service that guarantees the best writers, best essays, and best customer support team has a fault, and it’s not having a business model that truly focuses on their clients. Claiming to prioritize customer satisfaction, and actually doing so are two different worlds.

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  1. Lloyd B. /

    Smartwritingservices.com shouldn’t call themselves smart. Found out that my entire assignment was copied from other essays. Copyscape their work, just to be sure!

    1. Genji /

      When I got my essay on time, I was elated. Little did I know that smartwritingservice.com was only submitting a half-baked essay. The essay had so many mistakes so I had to rewrite most of it before I could hand it in.

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