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PaperStock.com Review

Specific prices for each type of an assignment. 

Special refer a friend offers and discount coupons. 

Customer support for UK citizens. 

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Apart from having a different name than most writing companies, Paperstock.com is a writing service that thrives to cater to students who want true professional writing help. As any other company, they do advertise their service quite heavily, but are they actually as efficient and professional as they claim to be? There are a few aspects of their company that caters more to their business than to students, which isn’t something that we really appreciate.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

Their website claims they have delivered 5000 orders so far, indicating that they might not be around for quite a long time. While this might not be an indicative of their expertise, we weren’t able to locate reviews or testimonials that back up this claim. They do have a very standard, if not limited offering when it comes to their writing service, so if you’re looking for someone who’s going to do business writing as well for you, you won’t be able to find this service here. You can choose your academic level, and have a paper written for you at that level, but there was very little information about who the writers are and what qualifications they own.

Customer Support

If you’re located in the UK, you can call them, or chat online. If you’re not located in the UK, unfortunately, you don’t get an option to chat via phone. Quite a limited customer support.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

Their price model is based on a large number of factors, number of pages, deadline, academic level, whether you’re having a paper written from scratch, or just proofread or edited. It seems like they have a different price point for every single service, which is a bit confusing. The payment options are standard as well, credit cards and PayPal.

Discounts and Special Offers Paperstock Pic 2

Their discount prices and offers are extensive, offering discounts for orders over $500, $2000 and $5000 dollars, which of course is great for returning customers. You also have a referral program that benefits those who have friends who need their services as well. You also get one time discounts for orders of a certain price, which is great for one time orders, but not at price requirements you actually need to get a discount coupon.

Paperstock.com Website Usability

The website could have been a bit more specific and precise, and it’s difficult to navigate through each of the tabs, making information difficult to access. It makes you spend more time on the website researching their services, than you actually should.

What Make The Service Different from Others?

Paperstock.com is a writing service business that stands out only by a detailed instructions on how to place an order on their website. By the time you’re finished reading the instructions, you could have already placed an order somewhere else.


We weren’t quite thrilled with the offering of Paperstock.com, as they cater to only a certain group of students, mainly does with a very good budget.

Date published: 17/02/2017
3.9 / 10 stars

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