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How to Order

You Want to Order Paper from a Writing Service? Here’s How to Do It

You thought you found the perfect writing service. You saw great reviews and you got a recommendation from a friend. You placed an order, but you didn’t get what you were looking for. Maybe the writer failed; it happens. But, what about the ordering process? Did you provide all necessary guidelines?

What many students fail to understand is that the success of the order depends on the way they place it. That initial step is very important, so you can’t take your responsibility lightly. Writers, no matter how great they are, can’t read minds. So, here’s the lesson for the day: you need to learn how to order papers online. We’re here to help you with that.

Step 1: Pick the Right Website

Duh! You need a high-quality service that delivers the exact type of paper you need. The price should work for you, and you need to make sure the company is able to deliver your project by the deadline. Our reviews can definitely help you with the choice. However, we also recommend contacting the company’s customer service department before placing the order, so you can make sure they have the right writer for you and they can complete your paper on time.

Step 2: The Order

You have to be very careful during this step. Complete the entire order form and don’t leave anything to chance. Here are some tips that will help you fill in the order form in a way that will guarantee you the best results:

  • Pick the right type of paper. Many companies provide different options for essays; you’ll see descriptive, argumentative, personal, and compare/contrast essays as different options. If you’re not sure what your teacher expects, ask them some questions about the assignment. Then, order the right type of project.
  • Explain what you expect. The order form leaves space for a description, so use it wisely. If you located some resources, include a request for the writer to use them. If you have a point of view regarding the topic, explain it. If, for example, you’re expected to write a paper on religion, you’ll be expected to show your own voice. If you’re not religious, but you get a paper that supports religion, you can’t blame the writer if you didn’t specify your requirements in this part. Write a very detailed, clear description, so you’ll avoid the need for revisions. Speaking of revisions, the company won’t provide them if they see that the writer wrote in accordance to your initial instructions.
  • Contact the writer! The best writing services give you a chance for a direct communication with the writer. This is a valuable feature. You can get an outline and drafts in different stages of the progress, so you’ll ask the writer to revise something before they even complete the paper. It’s always good to know where the paper is going, so you won’t be unpleasantly surprised with the final version.

Step 3: After the Order

  • Always leave feedback. Your experience and opinions matter not only to potential customers of the service, but to the writers as well. Your feedback will help the writer do their job better in future. And, we all want them to do their job as well as possible, right?
  • If you really, really like the project you get from a particular service, save it in your bookmarks. When you need a similar project, make a request to get it done by the same writer.

Do you have another method we should know about? Feel free to leave a comment!