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EssaysWriting.org Review [5.6/10]

Essayswriting.org review

essayswriting.org reviews:

Essayswriting org seems to stick behind their plagiarism-free policy. As to the rest of it, such as paper quality and writers’ expertise, we could hardly find an EssaysWriting review that confirmed the promises of ‘high-quality papers’ and ‘competent writers’. In fact, most reviews concerning EssaysWriting were negative in this context. This gave us the motivation to move forward with our essayswriting.org review and see what the reason for this is.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

Many papers are offered by essayswriting.org, but the results in terms of quality are disappointing. As we mentioned at the beginning of this EssaysWriting review, this service delivers less than good quality. In our experience with them, the paper was not plagiarized at all, which confirmed the claims about original work, but it was neither mistake-free nor of high quality. This could only indicate non-native or non-experienced writers, both of which sound bad when it comes to writing services.

Delivery does not seem to be that big of an issue, but some have reported troubles with getting their papers on time. In such cases, the company hasn’t refunded the aggravated customers, nor have they provided some discount for future orders.

Customer Support

The next step of the research for this essayswriting.org review is checking the customer support. This part went really well, despite the fact that there isn’t a live chat available. The only way to reach them is via phone, which can be expensive for some, but it is effective. The person we spoke to was definitely not one of the writers who did mistakes in the content crafting, and he was fast and informed enough to tell us all we needed to know. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to improve the paper quality.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

The prices are really cheap, but that is not what surprised us about essayswriting.org. Based on the fact that the pricing list on their site is the exact same as that of some other websites, such as writingessayeast.com, it is safe to say that this company works behind various websites online. The reputation is pretty much the same for all, which is bad despite the affordable rates.


For less than $10, you can get a paper if you are an undergraduate. The prices don’t differ for different papers, but only for academic levels and deadlines. They are some of the cheapest you could find, but unfortunately, this also means that the company pays inexperienced writers who don’t require a lot for their high expertise.

It also means that there are no discounts at EssaysWriting, same as the case with the other companies.

Essayswriting.org Website Usability

The website is highly usable and after noticing the similarity in the pricing page, we could note that it has most of the same elements as the other websites too. Regardless, it is easy to navigate, responsive and fast to load, meaning that its designer did a great job creating the site.

What Makes this Service Different from Others?

The thing that makes essayswriting.org different from other sites is the pricing and professional website design. Other than this, they are characterized by nothing great. There isn’t any extra feature, special offer, or discounts to be mentioned, not on the website and not in customers’ testimonials on the web.


Pricing is the only strong side of this company, aside from their customer service that, unfortunately, isn’t available on a live chat. It is a very cheap service, but in this case, this means low-quality content because the company seems to work with writers who aren’t as fluent as one would expect when looking into their website.

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  1. Ann /

    I disliked essayswriting.org because of their customer support. I should be able to access them through live chat but they don’t offer this. Instead, I had to call them which cost me more money on top of what I would have paid for my essay.

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