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EssayServices.org Review

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Essayservices.org is yet another online writing service on the marketing offering students’ academic assistance with their papers, so that they will meet the deadlines imposed with the highest-quality writing possible. As not all services are really high quality, Essayservice.org an example of those who are just simply average, and not as stunning and professional as they claim to be.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

Students want and need high-quality papers that are delivered on time. When we contacted the customer support with some of our questions, we were told that there are exceptions to meeting the deadlines. Is that something you as a student want to hear? Probably not. The samples we were provide with seemed generic, and everything but first class writing.

Customer Support

Their customer service was responsive, but they did seem to take a lot of time in understanding our requests. It seemed as thou they were redirecting our questions to someone else. They weren’t slow, but they definitely weren’t the fastest neither.

Pricing Model and Payment Options Essayservices.org 1

The pricing model and payment options are very disappointing as well. We were faced with a price calculator and not even a hint of realistic expectations. If you’re on a tight budget, this is not the best choice for you.

Discounts and Special Offers

We didn’t encounter any special offers, or any word of special offers, however, their discount policy is somewhat different than what you would find on other websites. They give discounts, automatically, based on the number of pages you have ordered. So if you’re a first time user and you plan on ordering just once, you don’t have any special deals for you.

Essayservices.org Website Usability

Unlike their competitors’ websites, their website is pretty simple, in fact, it looks outdated, which also brings up the questions, how modern and up to date is the entire team? It’s very basic and it needs a bit of updating.

What Make The Service Different from Others?

What makes them stand out from the rest is the lack of their pricing, which is obviously not something you want your clients to remember you by. We liked seeing real testimonials on their page, yet again, students need a service that is different in every single aspect: affordable, high-quality, trustworthy and caring, which is not the vibe we picked up.


Essayservices.org wouldn’t be our first, or second choice. It is an outdated writing services, that lacks a lot, and when compared to their competitors, they don’t stand a chance in getting a large clientele.

Date published: 1/2/2017
3.9 / 10 stars

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