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EssayDune.com Review [5.3/10]


As a student faced with constant writing issues, you’re bound to eventually seek help from professionals who can do the job for you, and help you achieve academic success. The Internet is flooded with writing services such as Essaydune.com which claim to provide an excellent experience in every aspect but fail to meet all the demands of a typical student. Let’s get a little deeper into Essaydune, their offering, and why this seems to be a very ordinary writing service, that doesn’t actually stand out from the rest.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

If you’re looking for a service that can get your paper done in an hour, you better keep looking more. They won’t accept papers with such tight deadlines, but they do claim to have professional writers available at all times. Because of this it just might not be your go-to, professional writing service. Like any other online service, they want everyone to know they have only professional writers available, but when we tried to see if we could speak or contact one, we didn’t get an answer. So how do you actually know who’s doing your paper?

Customer Support

There are standard options of customer support, such as emails and phone numbers, and the one that stands out is live chat. However, if you’ve checked at least the first page of your search engine, you’ll notice that most professional writing services have live chat support that is responsive and helpful just as representatives at Essaydune.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

essaydune.com price

The prices are formed according to the deadline, the academic level, and the service in question. The services available are editing/proofreading, writing, multiple-choice questions, and problem-solving. The lowest price per page is $10, but if you’re on a deadline that’s at least 14 days away. Most students are in a hurry, so they do want something more affordable if they are a week away from having to turn in their paper.

There’s a disclaimer as well that the prices may vary from time to time, so you can’t actually rely on the table itself. If you want VIP customer service, a writer of your choice, abstract page, and proofreading (which should be a part of the basic offer) you have to pay an additional fee.

Discounts and Special Offers

Their discount policy only takes into consideration returning customers which spend over $500 and $1000. If you’re a customer that doesn’t order a lot or just want one paper written, you won’t find any rewards or special offers.

Essaydune.com Website Usability

The website itself looks pretty simple, but what we didn’t like is widgets that kept popping up, reminding us of how great the service is constantly. Each tab should be dedicated to giving concrete and specific information, not advertising the company through paragraphs of self-praise.

What Make The Service Different from Others?

The service differs from others in the sense that they do charge additionally for certain services that should be a part of the initial package, like proofreading. Overall, they do have a pretty standard offering when it comes to the services they advertise.


Although it might seem like Essaydune.com isn’t your average service, we couldn’t find any proof in review or testimonials that indicates Essaydune success overall. They aren’t the most affordable and the fastest you could find online.

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  1. James G /

    I’ve tried lot os assignment services and EssayDune is the worst so far. Poor communication, deadlines were not met and the prices were very high.

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