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Essay-Company.com Review

+ Cheap prices for lower academic levels
+ Good customer support

Terrible paper quality
No Guarantees to keep you safe

essay-company.com review

essay-company.com reviews:

If we were to say that users love essay-company, we would be lying. There are some who have written a fine or a partially good essay-company review online, but the truth is – the majority are negative. Essay-company com is known for its fine customer service, but terrible paper quality, and policies that don’t really allow for the money-back guarantee listed on the website.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

Students can purchase all types of papers and services from essay-company.com, and their reputation for delivery is quite great. But when it comes to quality, this is where this essay-company review becomes somewhat negative, especially because our personal experience with the writers was negative, too.

When we ordered from essay-company.com, we expected a research paper that fits all standards and promises made on the site. Instead, what we got was a partially plagiarized paper with a concerning number of errors and mistakes that clearly spoke to us the truth – the writer who essay-company assigned to our order was not a native speaker.

Customer Support

As previously mentioned in this essay-company.com review, customer support is one of the good sides of this service. They are non-stop available and very friendly, and this was the case even when we complained about the paper quality.

But based on their company’s policy and apparently, lack of concern for unsatisfied customers, even the plagiarism in the research paper wasn’t a good enough reason to provide us with a refund. Instead, they offered a free revision – not even a special discount as an apology.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

Prices are perfectly acceptable, more so with the 10% offered on the homepage. The rate of $11.86 is lowest but not really realistic since it fits a deadline of 20 days for a high school student, which is hardly the case for this academic level.

Still, the rates are solid. Those for Master’s level and Ph.D. level are higher than you’d expect by seeing the list in total, so this might not be the first choice for students of high academic levels, even if it weren’t for the low paper quality.

essay-company.com prices

There aren’t any other discounts on the site, not even for regulars. This means that you need to wait for a special offer or ask for a discount. Thankfully, you can always do this – they are available non-stop.

Essay-company.com Website Usability

The site of essay-company.com is excellent – full with important information, very responsive and fast-loading. You can find all kinds of information there, making our job much easier. Still, we had to contact the customer service regarding the money-back policy, which is not very clear on the website. After getting in touch with them, we confirmed that the reason for the vagueness in terms of the guarantees lies in the fact that there are hardly any.

What Makes this Service Different from Others?

Nothing specific. The prices are average ranging toward low for lower academic levels, but they grow steeply for high academic levels. Without discount offers or special offers of any kind and the low paper quality we got, there isn’t much that makes this company different from others.


Low paper quality is never a good sign, even when it is accompanied by low rates or discounts, or even a fine customer support. Without guarantees to keep you safe, not even these pros are enough to make you want to become a regular customer of the company. This is exactly what we got here – fine customer support but no guarantees, low paper quality for affordable rates, and plagiarism that is definitely not accepted in the field of writing services.

Updated: 08/10/2018
5.1 / 10 stars

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