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EssayСampus.com Review

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As students’ essays gain more and more importance towards the final grade, and overall academic success, there’s high demand for writing services that can tend to these needs. Essaycampus.com is another writing service on the market that strives to cater to students who want professional results and the highest grades. Taking a closer look of Essaycampus, however shed a light on certain aspects that just might not be beneficial for students who need express service and exceptional papers.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

They claim not to compromise the quality of their papers, no matter what. However, the self-proclaimed satisfaction rate of 100% seems highly unlikely, as we were unable to find any extremely positive feedback from clients who actually used the service. You do have the ability to receive a free draft of the paper, but only if your deadline is over 24 hours. Otherwise you get no insight into your paper until it’s done.

Customer Support

Their customer support service offers the option to contact them via live chat, social media or phone. It’s a very standard offering, that many companies offer. We send a message on live chat, simply to test it out, but we never got a response.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

Essayscampus Pic 2The page dedicated to prices, only offers you the option to calculate the price of your order. There’s no table that gives you insight into the approximate cost of your order, which is a big disadvantage if you’re in a hurry, and don’t have time to fill in all the details. On the other side, there are plenty of payment options, but the best one is PayPal.

Discounts and Special Offers

They offer discounts to all their clients, irrelevant of their location. You can score a 5,8,10,15 or 20 percent discount, depending on the number of pages you order. This refers only to clients who order 15 pages and more, so if you’re seeking to find an affordable and rewarding service for a one-time order, this is not the ideal choice for you.

Essaycampus Website Usability

The website looks quite user-friendly, and there are plenty of tabs that you can use to navigate through the website to find information. It does feel a little bit empty in certain tabs, such as the price tab, as you’re expecting more important and concrete information, but most of the text is generalized, which is a big disadvantage.

What Make The Service Different from Others?

Their offering contains almost everything the majority of other professional writing services contain, and we couldn’t find anything really special about this service, that would make you want to order from them.


Essaycampus is, overall, a pretty average service, that’s not too bad, but lacks transparency in their business. We didn’t enjoy the lack of information, so we wouldn’t recommend you investing your money into this company.

Date published: 25/01/2017
3.3 / 10 stars

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