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DissertationTeam.com Review [6.4/10]


A unique-looking website with interesting content – this is the first thing you will notice when you first open dissertationteam.com. After thorough research, we have found out everything there is to know about this service. If you do not want to spend hours looking into their website and feedback online, read this review to get an insight into what Dissertation Team has to offer.

Customers’ Testimonials

Dorthy Elmore:

¨I honestly hate this company. They overcharge, gave me a bad paper, and did not reply when I complained. No guarantees and bad prices. Absolutely no!¨

Mary Carasco:

¨I got a good paper from dissertationteam.com, but a too high price. I now see that other companies charge much fewer .¨

Our Experience with the Service

The list of services at dissertationteam.com is very short – dissertations. According to the company, they must ‘tailor themselves to exact dissertation if they are going to provide the highest quality dissertation service possible’. To check if this is really the case, we placed our order with the company.

Once we ordered a dissertation, we waited for our 10-day deadline. The company delivered the paper on time.

We found the paper to be good, with some small issues we had to fix. Overall, their service was good in terms of quality of content since we found no mistakes in content or plagiarism.

Customer Support – Are They Effective?

The customer support agent, Justin, was very pleasant to talk to. Still, he took a lot of time to give us a quote for our paper, which was very annoying. In addition, he rejected our request for sample content, saying ‘we do not store any of our clients’ papers, as we follow confidentiality policy’.

Other than this, the customer support worked impeccably. They replied right away and kept informing us about the progress of our paper without any problems.

Prices and Affordability at DissertationTeam.com


A single dissertation chapter with a deadline of 10 days cost $256.10, which was a bit expensive. Considering that the introduction was only 10 pages long, this means that our Master’s level paper came at a cost of $25.61 per page. Imagine what this would cost for a Ph.D. level or within a shorter deadline!

This was a surprise to us since if you open the Prices page, there are price indicators that say writing starts at $14.04 per page, which seems like a very good price.

The company is very secretive about their prices. You would have to log in to the website and wait for a quote of your paper, which can be very time-consuming. We chose the customer service for a faster answer, but this took half an hour.

Discounted Prices and Special Offers

Unfortunately, we got no discount for our paper. Do not look for discounts on the website since there is no such information.

The live chat agent informed us that we could get a discount if we decide to order the entire dissertation. However, he said ‘ when it comes to academic future it’s more about the quality than the price’, which was quite annoying since almost every quality writing service offers discounts and not only for bulk orders!

Website Design and Usability

The content is very good, except for a few concerning information such as ‘9 years in business’. The company has highlighted this on their About Us page, but if you calculate that they started working in 2009, this is not really possible, is it?

Otherwise, the website is easy to navigate and looks great..


Overall, dissertationteam.com is not a service we would recommend. Their papers are good and they have quality customer service, but the issues with prices are very serious. They do not provide this information unless you spend an hour adding details on the website, do not have any discounts and the prices are not affordable at all.

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