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Top List: Best American Essay Writers and Writing Services

We have a question for you: can you name the best American writers? You’ll probably think of Ernest Hemingway, John Updike, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, William Faulkner, Harper Lee, Edgar Allan Poe, and few other great names in literature. Okay, okay; Kurt Vonnegut, too.

But, we’re not trying to name the greatest names in literature. We’re trying to identify the best essay writers. Not the essayists like Marilynne Robinson and John Jeremiah Sullivan. We’re thinking of those who write in the shade; the ghostwriters who share their talents with students, so everyone can handle academic writing troubles.

These writers deserve respect. Their names are not famous, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t give them credit.

As a reviewing team, we’ve ordered essays on various topics from many different sites. We had an opportunity to collaborate with some of the best MA and Ph.D. writers in the industry. We decided to pick the top American writers, so you’ll get an idea about the people who write essays for students.

top american writers

Monique Roberts

Best writer at EssayMama.com
When we first placed an order from EssayMama.com, we were lucky enough to get paired with one of the best writers in the industry. Monique holds a PhD in literature, and she’s great for book reviews. The first book review we ordered from this site was for Beloved, a novel by Toni Morrison. We expected to see the type of review that most other services deliver; the one that contains a brief plot summary and elaboration of the main themes. We got something much more: an in-depth analysis of the book and the writer’s style, accompanied with facts about slavery and argumentation on freedom issues. Dare we say, the review was more heartbreaking than the book itself. When one of our team members needed a term paper for a literature course, he requested Monique Roberts to cover his order. The company gave us an approval, and Monique delivered an exceptional research project that analyzed Hemingway’s work. So, we recommend her as the most engaging writer. You can understand her by reading her entertaining blog articles such as http://topfunnyfacts.com/best-jokes-to-irritate-boring-people/.

Michelle Gallaher

Top-writer from RushMyEssay.com
We often order papers with topics linked to social sciences. It seems like these courses impose the greatest need for academic writing. The topics may be interesting, but the issues are complex and require thorough analysis of academic and statistical data, accompanied with personal opinions. You can rarely find a writer who nails that concept. Marion Gallaher, an MA writer from RushMyEssay.com, impressed us with her take on such topics. We have to give her credit about the transparency. She is always available for the customers, so we had a chance to get updates and submit additional instructions as our writer made progress with the paper. The quality of the content was exceptional, so we kept requesting for Marion’s assistance whenever we needed to order papers for social science courses.

Rob Donalds

Best writer from College-Paper.org
Rob Donalds has obtained a PhD degree from the niche of psychology. He’s the perfect writer for complex projects, such as research papers, term papers, case studies, theses, and dissertations. He is a very approachable writer, who takes all ideas of the customer into consideration. When we got the essay he wrote under our guidance, we got the impression that he completely adopted the style we asked him to follow. The essay that Rob delivered was completely unique. There were creative and critical arguments supported by facts. He referenced high-quality sources from websites, books, and journals, so the overall impression was very positive.

Anabella Morrison

Writer at NinjaEssays.com
Anabella is the first name we have in mind when we need papers from the economics niche. She holds an MA degree in this subject area, so she tackles the assignment with a great level of expertise. Economy topics can get really boring. The concepts are complex, so the writer has to explain how they work in practice. We don’t appreciate writers who stick to theory. Fortunately, we got a different approach from Anabella: explanations through practical examples. Thanks to her assistance, we got nice essays and research papers, but we also got to understand the coursework material a bit better.

Adam Craig

Writer at BestEssays.com
When you need an immaculate paper from the sociology niche, you won’t make a mistake by hiring Adam Craig from BestEssays.com. He holds a PhD in sociology, so he’s a great choice for complex projects such as term papers, theses and dissertations. Adam is always willing to respond to his customers’ questions. We used the direct communication system to contact the writer when we ordered the paper, and he explained his plan before he started working on the content. Once we gave our approval, Adam made sure to follow our instructions and give us updates as he made progress.

Have you ever worked with an exceptional writer from an online service? Please, share your experience in the comment section below. These writers deserve recognition for their work.