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Fake Reviews of Writing Services: How to Recognize Them

Marketing is not the most honest and reliable thing in the world. Marketers would do any thing to promote their products and services to the audience, and yes, that means they would even lie to achieve that goal. In the essay writing industry, in particular, reviewing can be a marketing strategy based on lies.

There are great reviews that you can trust, but there are also unreliable, biased reviewing services that are either getting paid to promote certain companies and trash others, or they are a product of the writing service itself. So, how do you recognize fake reviews? The following tips should help.

1. Generic reviews

Are you reading a review that sounds like something you’ve read before? That’s probably because it repeats the company’s claims, and it’s been written by its marketing team. Compare the review to the claims you see at the website. If it’s saying the same things, forget about it and search for another reviewing service.

2. All positive / All negative

If you get the impression that the reviewers are very enthusiastic about recommending a certain service, but they trash the competition at the same time, you’re probably dealing with a website that’s a product of black-hat marketing techniques. When you’re reading a review, you should make sure it’s based on real experience. You can only trust reviewers who evaluate different websites and share unbiased opinions that sound completely natural.

3. Affiliate links

It’s only natural for reviewing sites to share links to writing services; that’s how you know who they are talking about. If, however, you notice affiliate links, that means that the reviewers are getting a percentage of all payments made by customers who follow that link. You can’t expect honest opinions from people who are making money through their reviews.

4. No experience

All you see is information about the types of products, prices, deadlines, and guarantees? That’s important, and it’s great to get all that info in a single review. However, if you’re not getting any hints on the quality based on actual orders, that means the reviewers don’t know what they are talking about. They only checked the website out and rushed to write a review about the obvious things they saw.

5. Bad reputation

Always check the comment section. Is it open for comments? What is the audience saying? Are people happy with the recommendations they got? You can only trust reviewing services that are open for collaboration with their readers. They should give you the right to comment, and you should definitely share your opinions about all services you’ve used before.

Avoid cheaters, scammers, and swindlers. They are the worst! Unfortunately, they are very common in the writing industry, so you’ll need a careful eye to spot them. Hopefully, the tips you just got will help you stay away from fake reviews.