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Assignmentman.co.uk Review


What Makes Assignment Man Special?

Just like thousands of other companies, this company also offers academic content help in return for your money. So, what makes it different from other services in the UK?

The answer is – many things. In our research, we’ve discovered plenty of things about the service, including the fact that it is quite affordable and very popular among its audience. The AssignmentMan reviews we have read point out to the many benefits of ordering from this particular writing company, as well as the trust it instills in its customers.

You can rarely say that a company has all great writers employed to do the services they offer. From the beginning, this looked like the few who have such a reputation. If you’re interested in learning the details about this and the reasons why we rated the service so highly, check the review of all their features and offers below.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

We did mention that the company is affordable, but this isn’t the first impression we received when we opened their page named ‘prices’. There are companies that are much more expensive and much cheaper than this one, so it would definitely fall into an average category in terms of cost.

For most students, a minimal quote of $17.99 for a page of content or 275 words is too high a price to pay. They have limited budgets and a lot of words to submit. But, while this price seemed a bit steep to us at first, we changed our minds about Assignmentman.co.uk once we’ve learned about special offers, discounts, and free features students seem to be enjoying on regular basis.

You’ll learn about this and much more below. Once you do, you’ll know why this choice of service is such a popular one.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

Delivery and quality are the two most important things about a paper writing company. It’s simply the essential reason why you order – to get good help worthy of a fine grade and get it before the deadline passes. None of the two works without the other.

Hence, to see if they deliver on time and how they perform their services, we ordered an essay as part of this assignmentman.co.uk review evaluation. The essay was brilliant in terms of quality, free of any plagiarism, and speedy in terms of delivery. Not a single requirement, including the deadline instruction, was missed or skipped by the assigned writing expert on behalf of the service. We liked the style, high-quality wording, format, and especially the speed of delivery the writer used to meet the rather short deadline of only 3 days we set for him.

Discounts and Special Offers

When you open the site of Assignment Man, make sure to scroll to the bottom of it and search for a page called ‘Discounts’. Unlike many companies we have evaluated, this one clearly states both the pricing and discounts they offer to all. Moreover, they seem to have some special offers very often, most of which come in the form of a discount code you can simply add to an order.

assignmentman.co.uk discountsThe service is very generous in terms of discounts. They often have special offers for newcomers, as well as some occasional special offers for all. For those who return to them and become part of the big group of loyal customers, there are discounts that go up to 15%. These discounts apply to all future orders.

Website Usability

A website has to be attractive to appeal to the visitor, but to tell you what you came for, it also has to be easy to use and informative. In the research we performed for this AssignmentMan review, we scoured all the pages of this website. Now that we have all the information they’ve shared with the audience, we can tell you that the website is highly usable, loads fast, and gives visitors all the information they might request. For the information that isn’t there, there’s also a live chat option available where you can get instant replies.

Customer Support

We’ve already mentioned the live chat. In addition to this live chat, there’s full information on the company’s address, which makes it obvious that this is a legit company. One more proof that it isn’t a scam service is the phone number. We’ve contacted them to see if this number works and our call was answered almost immediately.

Based on all the assignmentman.co.uk reviews we’ve read, the support is always professional and speedy. This is perhaps the best feature of the service, right beside the writers’ qualifications and their reputation of always providing plagiarism-free essays.


To conclude this review of Assignment Man, we will share our honest opinion of the order process and the work of the team employed here. This service did wonderful during our evaluation and masterfully served us as clients. It’s definitely a company you should look into.

Date published: 03/05/2019
9.9 / 10 stars

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