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6dollaressay.com Review [5.5/10]

6dollaressay.com review

6dollaressay.com reviews:

What users say about 6DollarEssay com is that it is truly cheap. In fact, this is one of the cheapest companies that write a paper for students, which is considered a great pro. However, you will find that this 6dollaressay.com review is not all positive for the reason that pricing is not even close to being the most important thing about a company. Users of 6dollaressay.com say that the quality is bad, which makes the price least important of all.

Delivery and Quality of Papers

Delivery is great at 6dollaressay. This is proved by our order and the fact that there isn’t a single 6doollaressay.com review online that indicates otherwise. However, quality is a completely different story.

The term paper ordered by this service turned out to be as bad as testimonials told us it would be. The reason for this was not just the mistakes we found in it, indicating that the writers aren’t all native writers, but also the fact that it was over thirty percent plagiarized. This was something we pointed out for the purpose of this 6DollarEssay review, which is when we learned more about the customer support and the company’s policies.

Customer Support

The customer support is found behind every corner, to say so. You can reach them on phone or via live chat, or even e-mail. The first impression we got when we contacted them for our 6DollarEssay review was excellent, but once we approached them with the complaint about the plagiarism, the agents became really unprofessional.

Not only did they reject our requests for refunds of any kind, but they didn’t even offer to revise the paper for free.

Pricing Model and Payment Options

As previously mentioned, 6dollaressay.com is cheap. It is so cheap, students probably rush to order papers without looking closer. For a price of $6 for a page, you can get an essay at 6dollaressay, a price that can hardly be found in any other writing service on the market.

6dollaressay.com price

However, not even this price is worthy of copied content.

Naturally, there are no discounts. A company that offers papers at just a few dollars cannot possibly add a discount, especially not if they give out papers at a rate of $6 per page. That being said, we didn’t expect to find any, and we did not find any discount or special offered mentioned anywhere on the web.

6dollaressay.com Website Usability

The website looks great and is easy to use and navigate. Everything on 6dollaressay.com is right there for you to see it, but we wouldn’t recommend trusting their guarantees a lot. In our case, the policies set by this service were not followed by their own customer support.

What Makes this Service Different from Others?

The thing that makes 6DollarEssay different from others is right here in their name – the price. This is the greatest price we have seen and there is hardly another online company that offers papers for $6 for a page. As a result, they attract many customers, but this also means plenty of reviews and testimonials to read online, most of which are negative.


You are probably looking at the cheapest option out there, but we wouldn’t recommend taking the offers just yet. The quality delivered in our case and apparently, many other cases before us, was far from worthy of even those $6 for a page. You cannot really expect from a company to hire experienced writers at such a low fee but plagiarized content and no responsibility taken is the worst combination we have encountered at this point.

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    If all you want is a cheap essay, try out 6dollaressay.com. The low price of the essay comes at a cost because they have bad quality. The writers don’t try to make the work impressive. Considering the price, they are likely focused on the number of essays they work on; not the quality.

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